catch up

Been a delinquent blogger again. Don’t really have an excuse, mostly just laziness, with a little busy-ness and sickness thrown in for good measure.

Starbucks and Target, life is good.IMG_1550 Holding court in the puppy room in the ferry.IMG_1570 Spaghetti!IMG_1578 Wallydog helping with the easter eggs.IMG_1602 Little easter bunny.IMG_1619 Whipped cream monster.IMG_1672 Exhausted after a weekend on Long Island.IMG_1679 We finally just tied the two of them together. I don’t know why we didn’t do this sooner.IMG_1686 Working on our hair accessories.IMG_1719 Sharing her apple with her other dog, much to Wally’s dismay.IMG_1727 Taking Wally for a walk.IMG_1749 Seconds before Em decided she wanted to go swimming.IMG_1752 Barking orders as usual.IMG_1763 The water room at the Providence Children’s Museum. aka Em’s favorite place in the whole wide world.IMG_1782 IMG_1796 Eating cheese, steering a ship.IMG_1804 Makin’ calls.IMG_1809 Spaghetti smile.IMG_1835 IMG_1838 Singing Happy Birthday to Wallydog.IMG_1844 Snuck a hair tie into her hair one morning.IMG_1861 Playground? No thanks Mom, I’ll just sit here and play with the cap I found on the ground.IMG_1864 Tree-hugger!IMG_1871 Pretty proud to climb up high.IMG_1874 The tickle monster going after Wally.IMG_1882 IMG_1889 Little hipster.IMG_1913 IMG_1930 It’s grilling season! Happy Spring!IMG_1941


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