catch up

Been a delinquent blogger again. Don’t really have an excuse, mostly just laziness, with a little busy-ness and sickness thrown in for good measure.

Starbucks and Target, life is good.IMG_1550 Holding court in the puppy room in the ferry.IMG_1570 Spaghetti!IMG_1578 Wallydog helping with the easter eggs.IMG_1602 Little easter bunny.IMG_1619 Whipped cream monster.IMG_1672 Exhausted after a weekend on Long Island.IMG_1679 We finally just tied the two of them together. I don’t know why we didn’t do this sooner.IMG_1686 Working on our hair accessories.IMG_1719 Sharing her apple with her other dog, much to Wally’s dismay.IMG_1727 Taking Wally for a walk.IMG_1749 Seconds before Em decided she wanted to go swimming.IMG_1752 Barking orders as usual.IMG_1763 The water room at the Providence Children’s Museum. aka Em’s favorite place in the whole wide world.IMG_1782 IMG_1796 Eating cheese, steering a ship.IMG_1804 Makin’ calls.IMG_1809 Spaghetti smile.IMG_1835 IMG_1838 Singing Happy Birthday to Wallydog.IMG_1844 Snuck a hair tie into her hair one morning.IMG_1861 Playground? No thanks Mom, I’ll just sit here and play with the cap I found on the ground.IMG_1864 Tree-hugger!IMG_1871 Pretty proud to climb up high.IMG_1874 The tickle monster going after Wally.IMG_1882 IMG_1889 Little hipster.IMG_1913 IMG_1930 It’s grilling season! Happy Spring!IMG_1941


we’re back

Sorry to go missing, our little family (even Wally) was having a rough time last week as we were all down and out with the some sort of stomach flu. But we’re all better and ready for Spring to get here. Which means it should probably stop snowing.

Coolest girl around…IMG_1264 Sick day essentials, Buddy the Elf, blue gatorade, and a few doting nurses.IMG_1287 Jello..don’t want to eat it, but do want to play with it!IMG_1304 Wildlife at the park.IMG_1313 Macaroni I can wear on my fingers!IMG_1341 Reading time!IMG_1367 Cheers to a barf free weekend!IMG_1382 The easter bunny stopped by a little early this weekend…IMG_1428 Em was a champion egg hunter.IMG_1456 Posing with her treasures.IMG_1471 IMG_1508Crazy hair don’t care…IMG_1170

this week

This week we saw a few glimpses of spring. Maybe, just maybe, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. And lots of mud. But I’ll take mud over snow.

Walking her pup.IMG_1097 I swear I did not teach her how to puddle jump.IMG_1109 Daffodils, our favorite spring flower.IMG_1133 The sugar plum princess.IMG_1149 Fashionista strikes again!IMG_1220

week in review

I was all ready to complain about the other foot of snow we got this week, but today brought sun and 40 degrees and melting, so maybe, just maybe spring is on the horizon.


Standing guard.IMG_0883 Free shipping!IMG_0889 More snow calls for a movie picnic.IMG_0921 Em and her kitty.IMG_0960 Making sure kitty isn’t thirsty!IMG_0961 For a little while that ponytail went undetected….IMG_1002 Sitting on top of the world.IMG_1027 She’s getting pretty good at this snowman business.IMG_1044

in like a lion…

Why not welcome March with a snowstorm…definitely wasn’t enough snow around here. In other news…

Em continues to be as stylish as ever. IMG_0729 IMG_0733 Wearing Papa’s hat, gloves, and slippers.IMG_0748Em showing Wally her new shoes…IMG_0780 Making pizza!IMG_0806 One piece of cheese for the pizza, one for me…IMG_0816 IMG_0824 Brunch date!IMG_0835 Followed by some jcrew catalog shopping.IMG_0853 Great Grandma made this whole rug? No way!IMG_0872 Caught this little monkey stealing a bag of kale from the grocery bag beside her, opening it, and munching away.IMG_0876

this week

It’s cold. My snowboot broke. Em and I both lost a mitten. Winter, you win.

An apple a day keeps the doctor a way!IMG_0602 Mmm snow.IMG_0610 C’mon Wal, we got a lot of this stuff to eat.IMG_0634 Half birthdays call for half cakes.IMG_0660 1.5!eighteen months The poster child for winter. IMG_1013Such a fashion icon.IMG_0689 Being a good babysitter with her new BFFS.IMG_0695 Date night…in jail 🙂IMG_0716 Pretty amazing view from the former Charles St jail. IMG_0700


Greetings from yet another snow storm. We’re snowed in again. New England has decided to give us a great welcome winter. In case we wanted to rethink our decision to move back.

Fuzzy slippers make Em happy.IMG_0237 There’s a bow in my hair, I know it.IMG_0265 Being super helpful while I put the duvet cover on.IMG_0276 Grandma sent me my very own kitty!IMG_0292 Clowning around with Wallydog.IMG_0325 Working on her valentines.IMG_0345 Pockets!IMG_0377 Bacon banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting and bourbon drizzle. Happy Valentine’s Day Nate!IMG_0392 Hey sister, did you get any chocolate in there?IMG_0410 Nate made me cherry filled crepes for breakfast!IMG_0422Smelling the flowers!IMG_1990Happy Valentine’s Day…2014-2015!IMG_0491 Happiness is licking the whipped cream beater.IMG_0502 Papa’s boots.IMG_0514 Watching Papa shovel Wally dog a path.IMG_0518 Finally…my very own cupcake!IMG_0522 Doing some cooking.IMG_0542 Little snowbunny.IMG_0555 Looks so peaceful, right?IMG_0576 Em working on some closet plans.IMG_0584