this week

Em, Wally, and I are still in NY while we wait for our stuff, and Nate to make their way east. We’re all getting spoiled with full bellies and lots of attention. But this weather….not even 60 today?!?! Don’t know what we’re going to do about that.

This day we were only eating meals out of our wagon…IMG_6868Chasing Wally around with a spray bottle.IMG_6874Driving Grandma’s new car…IMG_6907 IMG_6908Picking some flowers.IMG_6927Everything is a phone these days…soon I expect her to start yelling and threatening our movers..don’t know where she would’ve heard that…IMG_6939Trying on some new winter gear.IMG_6955Driving Grandpa’s car.IMG_6967Em’s cooking show…IMG_6976This never happens. Guess the cold weather does that to her…IMG_6989

where are we now?

Em, Wally, and I are continuing are east coast tour this week. We headed back to NY for a bit since we are still without our stuff. We try to only report good news over here, so we won’t talk about that situation…

Helping great grandma with the dishes…IMG_6680 Having a good time on the ferry!IMG_6695 Falling asleep at dinner…IMG_6707 Making eggplant parmigiano with grandma.IMG_6717 Official taste tester!IMG_6739Twinsies! IMG_6782Haircut!IMG_6771 So pretty!IMG_6781 New ride with PopPop.IMG_6806 Sit tight Wallydog, we’re going for a ride!IMG_6819 What happens when Grandma babysits…IMG_6838 Brave little girl wearing her Pats jersey in NY. IMG_6849 After dinner baking…IMG_6862

around here…

Sorry for the delinquent post. We have had a busy week. Wally, Em, and I are becoming quite the seasoned travelers. But we look forward to the day when our stuff arrives from California and we can get settled. Hoping for before Christmas?

Hey mom, where are the palm trees?IMG_6409 Moviestar in the making…IMG_6415 IMG_6418 Mommy and Emme are entertained the same way…IMG_6467 Got my purse, ready to go!IMG_6503 Siblings on the ferry.IMG_6522 Walk in the woods with Grandma (in Dad’s old wagon!)IMG_6537Emme Gpop matching. IMG_6582 A week was too long for these two to be apart.IMG_6586 Best friends these two…when there’s goldfish to be disbursed.IMG_6597 In case anyone was wondering what to get Wes for Christmas….IMG_6612 Celebrating 31 with some of my favorite people while also achieving a lifelong dream of getting enough sushi to fill boats!IMG_6629 The happiest girl around…IMG_6650

and we’re back…almost

This post is being written from the east coast. Em, Wally, and I are in NY…waiting for our stuff, and Nate to make their way back in this direction. We’re all getting adjusted, but getting ready for our next adventure.

Em started the week packing up her favorites and was on her way.IMG_6218 Accessories, specifically scarves, are her new thing.IMG_6229 One more night with the palm trees. IMG_6234 My little helper is so good with packing, don’t you think?IMG_6243 Had to let this California girl experience In N Out.IMG_6261 I think we should starting filling the backpack to help balance the belly.IMG_6268 I thought she was smiling at me until I realized there was a guy behind me that she flirting with.IMG_6305 Watching the sunrise with Grandma.IMG_6325 Showing Jinx her mean face.IMG_6337 A couple days before Monday night football, but Em is ready.IMG_6361 IMG_6366 Trying on some cold weather gear since she is a northern girl now.IMG_6381 Hey thanks for the cool box Mom!IMG_6387 We’re in trouble now…IMG_6392

the last one from the west…

That’s right, next week, I’ll be updating from the east coast. I don’t want to get too sad, but we will really miss California. But we’ll be back…there’s too much we love here not to visit often.

There’s always smiles during Wally Em snack time.IMG_5975 We had a first word this week…very appropriately, puppy.IMG_5982 Said goodbye to my car this week, hopefully they are bringing some of those palm trees too.IMG_5995 My cool girl.IMG_6057 Don’t worry mom, I’ll sort your sock drawer for you.IMG_6077 Like reasonable parents, we waited until Em was 13 months old to give her her own iphone. She was a little disappointed though it doesn’t have a front camera. How will she take her selfies?IMG_6096 Someone’s excited to be at the beach!IMG_6110 Waving to the surfers. (noticed a little while later, we were down a shoe)IMG_6172 My new favorite picture of these two. IMG_6127 Family selfie.IMG_6169Faster daddy!IMG_6137 Swinging!IMG_6160 Didn’t want to be recognized at brunch.IMG_6185 Taking her snail for a walk.IMG_6204 Amazingly enough, four of us looking at the camera! Wally totally steals the show though.IMG_2562 A little different than last year’s pic when I clearly needed to lay off on the burritos ;)IMG_6209

east to west to east…

Well in just a couple weeks this blog may need a new name. That’s right, after two and half years in sunny California, our little family will be headed back east. It’s bittersweet, there’s so much we’ll miss, but we are excited to start a new adventure. We’ll see if there is enough to blog about ;)

Sorry sister… I got here first…IMG_5735 I made it to the other side of the room!IMG_5777 Stacking her eggs, I think we have a future lego builder on our hands. IMG_5785 So proud!IMG_5795 Wally is so nice to share his bed.IMG_5809 The cool girl I get to eat dinner with.IMG_5836 Cowgirl!IMG_5845 Dad’s home from Chicago!IMG_5896 Nope don’t need to see…IMG_5951Had a little photo session with my neighborhood on Saturday night…IMG_9731 Oh San Jose, I will miss you so…IMG_9766

around here

We had a good short week. Getting ready for a busy fall. No walking yet, but we see a few steps here and there.

The most delicious thing I’ve made in awhile…kohlrabi, apple, pecorino and toasted hazelnuts.IMG_5438Em putting her new tray to good use.IMG_5443Tuesday started operation “let’s learn how to wear shoes” IMG_5470She tried to eat them off, but no luck.IMG_5482Okay, let’s go, I’ve got my shoes on!IMG_5492Spaghetti hair!IMG_5524That poor frog!IMG_5539A little taste of fall with mushroom, bacon, kohlrabi (subbed for leeks) risotto.IMG_5549Wallydog relaxingIMG_5550Em barking orders.IMG_5555The difference between no nap and nap.IMG_5570Bow, pants, and shoes! Only the pants stayed on by the time we got to our destination.IMG_5599A little brunch at the delicious Tartine in SF. Yes, we ate it all…I regret nothing…IMG_5607Family burger and ice cream date. Yes, Wally stayed there the whole meal.IMG_5648The result of lots of ice cream and ketchup.IMG_5681 IMG_5687