week thirty-five

Lots of excitement this week. Still no crawling, but Emme has learned how to sit up from her belly, which seems harder than crawling. She is loving trying new foods…watermelon is current fave…maybe because of the mess. We’ve caught a few one step into a crawl, so she’s almost there. Oh and blowing raspberries are her new trick.

Sitting oretty.IMG_0073 Love my glowworm!IMG_0086 Hmm maybe if I use the wall…IMG_0104 Raspberries…all day long.IMG_0108 Better luck next time on that nap, Mom.IMG_0138 Some shots from her Rose Garden photoshoot…IMG_0268 Reigning over her kingdom…IMG_0269 Mmm this looks like it would taste yummy…IMG_0270 Just lounging in the grass…IMG_0271 Ready to go yachting!IMG_0177 We spotted the Easter bunny round these parts…IMG_0262 IMG_0264 IMG_0265 IMG_0266 I found all the Easter eggs!IMG_0205 Looking pretty in her Easter dress.IMG_0222 Next her very own pet bunny.IMG_0229 So proud of herself when she sits up.IMG_0244 My parents are weird…IMG_0250 Christmas vs EasterIMG_0252 Delicious Easter dinner…grilled pork tenderloin, charred sprouts, and mashed tatoes…and a surprisingly good prosecco.IMG_0259Followed by banana cream pie.IMG_0275

week thirty-four

This week Emme has been all about trying new food. We have ourselves a good little eater. Now only if we could get a good little sleeper…

Showing off her good posture.IMG_6037 Rollin around…IMG_6054 Little piglet…IMG_6056 Hop on Pop!IMG_6058 Giant pile of kale totally cancels out giant burger right?IMG_6069 Mmm cucumber!IMG_6081 Doing some reading…IMG_6084 IMG_6085 IMG_6097 Wally on watch.IMG_6141 Feeling tropical…IMG_6145 Once a dress, now a shirt…IMG_6171 First time in a shopping cart…what is this magical place?IMG_6168 Mmm pancake!IMG_6185 Maybe I’ll just skip this crawling and stand right up!IMG_6193 Sometimes she sleeps…IMG_6195 Love when the roses start to bloom in our neighborhood.IMG_6198 Smelling eating the roses.IMG_6203 Shopping with Daddy.IMG_6244 Happy hour with my favorites.IMG_6247 Morning coffee date.IMG_0009 Wally picking out some birthday treats.IMG_0011 Sunny day in Barkeley.IMG_0027 Loving her ride.IMG_0036 Singing happy birthday to Wallydog.IMG_0050

week thirty-three

Another week gone. Emme is not crawling, but is still very mobile. She rolls and scoots her way around. You can usually find her reaching her way towards Wally’s toys.

Modeling her new bow.IMG_5872 You think maybe she is hanging out with Wally too much?IMG_5886 Hamming it up.IMG_5889 IMG_5899 Telling me her stories.IMG_5903 Still working at it.IMG_5910 Mmm canteloupe.IMG_5925 BLT salad. There is a big pile of greens under all that good stuff, promise ;)IMG_5992 Happy Saturday!IMG_5997

week thirty-two

No crawling yet, but really she is just so close it’s going to happen any day now. Sleep has been terrible this week, maybe teeth or a growth spurt? I should have never complained before. Not when there are four hour middle of the night parties to be had…

Looking pretty with her first bow.IMG_5639 Tooth brush, hair brush, it’s hard to remember what does what.IMG_5650 Look at that face of determination!IMG_5662 Just a girl laying on her tiger skin rug by the fire.IMG_5677 Tuesday Morning Book Club.IMG_5682 Get me another book!IMG_5697 IMG_5701 Mom, I’m doing some online shopping, leave me alone…IMG_5739 Such pretty eyes!IMG_5759 and what pretty hair ;)IMG_5765 Hard to be mad at no napping when you come upstairs to this face.IMG_5769 Mmm burger!IMG_5824 Waiter! I’m still hungry!IMG_5817 We drove up north today to visit the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens. Pretty amazing.IMG_5832 IMG_5836 IMG_5842 Nate getting a workout!IMG_5844 Find Em.IMG_5848 IMG_5851 Views all the way to the Golden Gate!IMG_5852 IMG_5856 IMG_5859 IMG_5861 IMG_5864Have a good (hopefully spring!) week!

week thirty-one

I think this may be the last week we can say we have a non-crawling baby. Emme is thisclose to being mobile. We are in trouble…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from our little good luck charm.IMG_4979Seven months!IMG_5432Mohawk baby!IMG_5447That hat is magic…IMG_5456Schnuggling with Pluto…IMG_5458All ready for take off…IMG_5486 Little Levi’s!IMG_5483 Meyer lemon bars.IMG_5478Em helping me pick out the color of my next car…IMG_5493 Grandma and PopPop are here!IMG_5510 Here we go…IMG_5575 Ready for her first trip to the vineyard!IMG_5560Dressed for another sunny day…IMG_5592Looking out to SF from Marin Highlands.IMG_5618 IMG_5627 IMG_5620 Me and Em made a new friend!IMG_5636Turned Nate into a pirateIMG_5635 

week thirty

The big news this week is Emme will finally nap in her crib. This is a huge development as previously she would only nap in her swing, in the living room, which meant tip-toeing around while she was napping. Nighttime sleep is a whole other story…perhaps even at it’s worse this week, but we’ll keep working at it. I’ll take the napping upstairs as a victory.

12 month old onesie…no big deal.IMG_5084 Hey look it’s not a baby picture! Pretty (and tasty) spring dinner. Pork tenderloin with a date, blood orange, cilantro relish.IMG_5118 Brushin’ my tooth.IMG_5146 Post bath-time hair.IMG_5155 Just a girl and her pup and some poppies.IMG_5173 It was only a matter of time before she had her own iPhone…IMG_5190 Mom, can you give me some privacy? Elmo’s on the phone.IMG_5201 Next week she’ll be taller than me…IMG_5207 MmmmIMG_5219 I got this…IMG_5231 Wally’s new glamour shotIMG_5255 Hmm how do I put Spongebob on…IMG_5267 Mmm nanners!IMG_5299 Okay sister, here’s the plan, on our walk you throw one of your toys out the stroller when they’re not looking, and then our walk will be twice as long when they bring us back to look for it…IMG_5301 Hmm. I’m over here. but my toys are over there. How do I get there?IMG_5306 Some naps are more successful than others. Here are some crib acrobatics…IMG_5310IMG_5312 IMG_5316 Ready for the beach!IMG_5336IMG_5342IMG_5349 Daddy’s girl.IMG_5367 We celebrated the 80 degree Saturday with tacos and agua fresca outside.IMG_5375Sleepy Sunday…IMG_5402 Pay attention to meeee!IMG_5409

week twenty-nine

Another week and this little girl has gotten even cuter. Still doesn’t know how to sleep or nap, but at least she’s cute. Not walking or crawling yet, but she is keeping us on her toes. Will. Not. Stay. Still. Thank goodness for espresso. Which we may have to lock up because we have a sneaking suspicion she is getting into it. There’s no other explanation for her endless energy.

No fat suit. A privilege that was quickly taken away because she turns her crib into a playpen. At 2AM.IMG_4660 Buildin’IMG_4687Daddy’s home! IMG_4700I’m so cute! IMG_4706 Kids playing.IMG_4720Mmm snozzberries! IMG_4738 What do you mean this isn’t my frog?IMG_4742 Pure mischief…IMG_4756Little baby model that she is… IMG_4782 Wallydog is not happy I let his sister on his bed…IMG_4801 I can sit up…no big deal…IMG_4807 Dad. Peanuts. Give me some. Now.IMG_4871Just sittin in my toy basket. IMG_4894 When does this train get going?IMG_4913 Saturday family hike walk in the woods. Wallydog is all business, keeping an eye out for mountain lions.IMG_4937 Happy Monday everyone!IMG_4956