week in review

Since Em did not get along with Santa this week, I think she has decided she isn’t getting on the nice list this year, so sleeping, eating, and napping have not been going so well this week. Here’s hoping for a better week, since all Mama and Papa want for Christmas is a full night’s sleep.

Working on her silverware skills…IMG_8477 Being the half Italian she is, talking with her hands.IMG_8489 Bottle of red, bottle of white.IMG_8501 First real nap in days, and she has the hair to prove it.IMG_8522Food network makes Em hungry too.IMG_8544 Mom, this better be organic!IMG_8623 Cindy Loo Who…IMG_8632 My girl…IMG_8675 Lovely day for a walk on the beach.IMG_8703 Family pic #1…IMG_8731 #2.IMG_1799

rockin’ around the christmas tree

Well it has been a week and both the Christmas tree and Em remain mostly unharmed. A lot of our ornaments have migrated north out of a fear, or are living in one of Em’s toy piles and we haven’t found them yet, but so far, not so bad.

Hey Mom, look at this fun ball I found!IMG_8265_3 So happy it’s warm out!IMG_8271 Oooh lights.IMG_8279 Admiring her work.IMG_8294 Wallydog, loving life.IMG_8308 Mmm apples!IMG_8319 Working on some arts and crafts…IMG_8347_2 See ya later Mom, me and Wally are going for a walk.IMG_8352_2 My little monkey.IMG_8377_2 Practicing the one finger rule.IMG_8394_2 Who me?IMG_8408_2 Decorating her own tree.IMG_8419_2 What happens when we can’t think of anything for dinner…cheeeeeesssseee.IMG_8442_2 Looking at pictures with Great Grandma.IMG_8452_2 Waiting in line for Santa…all smiles…IMG_8460_2 Actually meeting Santa….well…better luck next year.IMG_8464_2 Such a distinguished pup that Wallydog.IMG_8465_2 And in case you missed it, Em and Wallydog sending you warm wishes this holiday season!christmas card 20142

the most wonderful time of the year…

We had a few cold days this week which really made us miss California, but lots of turkey and the start of Christmastime kept us warm.

So nice of Em to give Wally a ride in her wheels.IMG_8024 Do you think she likes tomato sauce?IMG_8038 Little daredevil…IMG_8042 All dressed in our Thanksgiving best.IMG_8061 Best seat in the house.IMG_8105 Trying to get into these boots.IMG_8110 Bundled up, headed for a walk.IMG_0524 Dad takes the uphill part.IMG_0575 So happy Aunt Marnie came to visit.IMG_8139 Oh we have a playdate? Sounds like a good time to nap.IMG_8147 Getting ready to pick out a Christmas tree. Or hunt a wascly wabbit.IMG_8154 Decisions decisions.IMG_8170 Helping to untangle the lights.IMG_8201 A little flashback to last year.IMG_8225 Why are all those toys on that tree? We’ll have an update next week to see how our little ornament stealer is doing.IMG_8237

week in review

Another week getting used to this New England cold and preparing for the holidays. Luckily cold doesn’t seem to affect this little girl one bit. Can’t get her to keep her hood or a hat on for anything.

The watch crew at Grandma’s.IMG_7802 Laundry basket is on Em’s Christmas list.IMG_7811 She swears there was only water in this.IMG_7838 Early morning ferry to NY, soft pretzel bribery.

IMG_1722Playing dress up.IMG_7870  Much needed date night.IMG_7878 Visiting the aquarium with Grandma and PopPop.IMG_7895 The fish and penguins were alright, but the real excitement was throwing coins into the fountain.IMG_7915 She did really like the butterfly exhibit though.IMG_7941 IMG_7949 Little chef cooking up something good.IMG_8011

I need to come up with better titles…

Another week chasing this little girl around… Most days all of us (including Wally) just fall into the couch after she goes into bed. Keeping us on our toes :)


Good to the last drop!IMG_7631 Hanging out with Gpop and Wes.IMG_7790 An afternoon at farm camp wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the chickens.IMG_7789 So happy to have company in her crib!IMG_7661 Another gorgeous sunset.IMG_7664 My little hipster.IMG_7676 Playing peekaboo in the closet.IMG_7682 Big girl learned how to use a straw.IMG_7704 California girl eating a california roll.IMG_7720 Hey Em, did you have spaghetti sauce tonight?IMG_7736 Must bake the cookies!IMG_7743 I need a bigger lap.IMG_7759 Not a nice way to wake up on a Friday…IMG_7754 Someone got some new wheels this weekend.IMG_7783 I love being outside…even if it is 30 degrees.IMG_9940

just another week

A week later and we’re finally settled. Feels good. I think we’re all happy to be sleeping in our own beds and getting into the swing of things.

Speaking of beds, someone was pretty happy the dog bed made it here.IMG_7437 Nothing to see here, just a girl sitting in her duck.IMG_7439 It’s time to try on hats after naptime!IMG_7442 IMG_7447 Mom, I woke up and there was a puppy in my bed!IMG_7472 My newest employee, Willy.IMG_7484 My little architect.IMG_7499 My tooths hurt…IMG_7510 These two call each other to coordinate outfits…IMG_7582 Mmm, where do I start?IMG_7591 First sit-down meal in the new house (yes we’ve cooked in the past week, but didn’t have a kitchen table to eat it at). Tuscan tomato bean soup with ciabatta croutons and Croatian truffles and olive oil.IMG_7624 Never going to tire of this view.IMG_7606

36 days later, we’re almost settled

That’s right folks. Thirty-six days after Em and I left California, all of us are in the same place, with our stuff! We’re still unpacking but it feels nice to be typing this from my own couch. I know Em and and Wally we’re happy to be reunited with their toys.

Doing some rock climbing in the yard.IMG_7221 What? I was NOT going to pick that flower…IMG_7270 The view from our new house. IMG_7304 Happy Halloween from Pebbles and Dino!IMG_7325 When do you think Wally will forgive me?IMG_7336 Of course I couldn’t pass up pink chucks…IMG_7359 Hey look who finally showed up on Saturday. Five weeks later. IMG_7374 Can you spot Wally in the mess?IMG_7384 Found his new perch.IMG_7391 Um, what is that white stuff falling from the sky?IMG_7405 Waving to the snow.IMG_7417 And finally, a very Happy Halloween from the shrieking Flintstone family.IMG_7431