week forty-nine

Another busy week, gearing up for a our great trek east. We’ll be headed to NY on Thursday. With a very wiggly baby. And a nervous pup. On a redeye. Pray for us.

What happened when I asked her to share her cheerios. IMG_3991 Bedtime stories.IMG_4097 Still working on those ponytails.IMG_4004 How yogurt eating was going during lunch.IMG_4013 Wally Emme snack time.IMG_4043 I don’t know, do you think she liked her ice cream?IMG_4069

week forty-eight

This week it was just Em and I and Wally. Everyone behaved except for the afternoon nap strike. But all of us we’re pretty happy on Saturday when Nate came home.

Hummus, I’m pretty sure she’d eat a whole tub if I let her.IMG_3689 Mom, I told you I don’t nap anymore!IMG_3722  Being a big brother is just such hard work.IMG_3732 Gave Em some blueberry puffs so I could run some errands. Didn’t realize til later I was pushing around a purple monster.IMG_3738 Hold on Mom, I’m almost done redecorating.IMG_3758 Someone’s going to be a ballerina.IMG_3772 First ponytail!IMG_3835  IMG_3852 Who is that pretty girl?IMG_3866 Post pony tail hair.IMG_3899 Do you think she’s been working on her posing?IMG_3972 I’m so done with this, lady. Tell me when you’re done.IMG_3973 Last one before the big ONE!Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 8.44.22 PM Dad’s home! and I’m super baby!IMG_3927 Pizza!IMG_3931 What do you mean there’s no more sweet potato?IMG_3945 Such a graceful eater this one.IMG_3950 IMG_3960

week forty-seven

Another week down…I can’t believe we’re only five weeks away from the big ONE! A quiet but fun week chasing the monkey around. Don’t know how she can be so fast without walking, but she is.

Little teenager with that look.IMG_3384 Spaghetti is my new favorite thing to eat!IMG_3394 Put the shades on, and she’ll finish eating. Works every time.IMG_3415 Sister? Can you share your snacks please?IMG_3432 Little schnugglebug during nap time.IMG_3478 I will not pose for another picture Mom!IMG_3512 Bedtime stories about Dad’s work.IMG_3550 Ah ha! Can’t fool me mom..found that bow in my hair!IMG_3564 Relaxing like Dad.IMG_3570 Date night. First time trying Lambrusco…a new favorite.IMG_3578 Public service message from Emme O. IMG_3603 Please sister? I’ll be your best friend! IMG_3629 My little foodie. Moroccan spiced chicken, roasted peppers, sweet potatoes and olives.IMG_3653

week forty-six

Busy week for this little girl. Tried a lot of new things, still the best little eater we know. If her attention span was longer, she would eat all day long. This weekend was full of treats…whipped cream, ice cream, and today Emme helped herself to a handful of cheesecake. Bigger than her mouth, but she shoveled it in anyway.

That paparazzi are crazy in these parts, if only Em could eat her dinner without being recognized.IMG_2973 Bows? Mom I hate bows!IMG_3003 Pinkies out! How many times do I have to tell you?!IMG_3040 Visiting Daddy at work.IMG_3091 IMG_3092 She didn’t have red, I didn’t have blue, together we’re patriotic.IMG_3164 Ready to go to the parade!IMG_3132 Mom you were right! I did need a nap!IMG_3170 I have the magic card! IMG_3176Do you think she’s excited about her red white and blue dessert? IMG_3283 Please put whipped cream on everything from now on!IMG_3293 Caught San Jose’s downtown fireworks from our balcony.IMG_3323 Ready to go to the boardwalk!IMG_3344 IMG_3349 I’m swimming! IMG_3369

week forty-five

Another week down chasing this monkey. We can hardly keep up with her and she is not walking quite yet. Every day getting closer though.

Love laying with all my friends.IMG_2767 A little morning yoga.IMG_2770 Sunshiney face.IMG_2784 Dad’s home!IMG_2806 Look at those eyelashes.IMG_2823 I can has pancakes?IMG_2839 The San Francisco Zoo!IMG_2852 Em was so polite, waving to all the animals.IMG_2868 Hippo!IMG_2875 A little confused by photo booths…IMG_2889

week forty-four

It was just me, the peanut, and the pup this week. Most of the time they behaved, but they each had their moments. But Em had a good week. Her appetite is endless and she might be taller than me soon.


Emme was feeling particularly photogenic one afternoon.IMG_2755 IMG_2756 IMG_2758 IMG_2760 IMG_2761 IMG_2753 Hide and seek!IMG_2552 Ten months!IMG_2561 Tuesday we had to bring our power drill on our morning walk.IMG_2587 Surf’s up!IMG_2595 The mayor of Trader Joe’s.IMG_2644 Oh hey mom! I helped with that folded laundry you were about to put away.IMG_2647 So many toys, so little time.IMG_2710 Dinner date with Dad, practicing so big!IMG_2739 Too cool!IMG_2749

week forty-three

Em has learned how to wave, and mastered pulling up. It’s only a matter of time before she can climb up on the couches. And pole vault out of her crib.

Waving hello!IMG_2348 So thirsty!IMG_2363 IMG_2380 Lady, enough with the pictures and give me more meatballs!IMG_2392 If I Were A Bunny Rabbit was too good to miss, Wallydog had to get in on the action.IMG_2399 Planning her escape.IMG_2394 Look at all those teeth!IMG_2407 Peanut butter, delicious, and also a good hair styling product.IMG_2424 Swinging in Golden Gate Park.IMG_2446 Shoes! Which she kept on for almost an hour!IMG_2473 Em ate her body weight in BBQ in honor of Father’s Day.IMG_2501 Monkey bars!IMG_2514 Handy girl, this one.IMG_2519 Already knows how to use a saw!IMG_2518 Now to practice her fishing!IMG_2522 IMG_2525 I got one!IMG_2527 IMG_2528