east to west to east…

Well in just a couple weeks this blog may need a new name. That’s right, after two and half years in sunny California, our little family will be headed back east. It’s bittersweet, there’s so much we’ll miss, but we are excited to start a new adventure. We’ll see if there is enough to blog about ;)

Sorry sister… I got here first…IMG_5735 I made it to the other side of the room!IMG_5777 Stacking her eggs, I think we have a future lego builder on our hands. IMG_5785 So proud!IMG_5795 Wally is so nice to share his bed.IMG_5809 The cool girl I get to eat dinner with.IMG_5836 Cowgirl!IMG_5845 Dad’s home from Chicago!IMG_5896 Nope don’t need to see…IMG_5951Had a little photo session with my neighborhood on Saturday night…IMG_9731 Oh San Jose, I will miss you so…IMG_9766

around here

We had a good short week. Getting ready for a busy fall. No walking yet, but we see a few steps here and there.

The most delicious thing I’ve made in awhile…kohlrabi, apple, pecorino and toasted hazelnuts.IMG_5438Em putting her new tray to good use.IMG_5443Tuesday started operation “let’s learn how to wear shoes” IMG_5470She tried to eat them off, but no luck.IMG_5482Okay, let’s go, I’ve got my shoes on!IMG_5492Spaghetti hair!IMG_5524That poor frog!IMG_5539A little taste of fall with mushroom, bacon, kohlrabi (subbed for leeks) risotto.IMG_5549Wallydog relaxingIMG_5550Em barking orders.IMG_5555The difference between no nap and nap.IMG_5570Bow, pants, and shoes! Only the pants stayed on by the time we got to our destination.IMG_5599A little brunch at the delicious Tartine in SF. Yes, we ate it all…I regret nothing…IMG_5607Family burger and ice cream date. Yes, Wally stayed there the whole meal.IMG_5648The result of lots of ice cream and ketchup.IMG_5681 IMG_5687

this week

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday. Time flies when you’re chasing a toddler around all week. Em took a few strides this week, but crawling is still her main mode of transport, thank goodness.

Doing some shopping…IMG_5179 Cheerios make me big and strong!IMG_5211 What? You don’t wake up in a cowboy hat?IMG_5229 This balance thing is so hard!IMG_5238 Bring your daughter to work day!IMG_5256 Such a happy girl.IMG_5273 Date night!IMG_5299 Followed by a mommy daughter lunch date.IMG_5310 Monkeying around…IMG_5336 This house is a prison!IMG_5343 Such a colorful time of year at the farmer’s market.IMG_5378 Family picnic. Guess who ate the most bbq?IMG_5390 Wally’s happy place. Fort Funston.IMG_5402 Family selfie!IMG_5413The beautiful pacific.IMG_5418

around here…

Well, we officially have a one year old! Or a two year old, depending on the tantrum/mood. We also have a girl that is thisclose to walking. Emme is very cautious and is taking her time, which buys us a little more time containing her.

Wally wanted to make sure he was the first to which his sister happy birthday.IMG_4904 Birthday balloon!IMG_4928 Oh good, I was getting short on toys…IMG_4956 Em doesn’t understand cupcakes, she’ll pick it up, but won’t eat it. Cake on the other hand…IMG_4971 Perhaps set the bar too high for birthdays with two weeks of cakes…IMG_4992 twelve months!IMG_5162Oh how we’ve grown!IMG_4907IMG_4906Best smile ever!IMG_5008 I don’t know who spilled your coffee all over the couch, Mom. Was it you?IMG_5016 Nope, no nap today!IMG_5025 Always on her toes.IMG_5054 No nap today either!IMG_5089 New outfit.IMG_5107 IMG_5110 Family pic at a friend’s house.IMG_5130 Swings!IMG_5122 Just walking along…IMG_5151

week fifty-two!

Well here we are, 52 weeks later. Some days I can’t believe it’s been a year, others I can’t believe it’s only been a year. We are so blessed to have this little girl in our life, so despite the fact that her warranty runs out in a few hours, I think we’ll keep her.

Attack of the baby!IMG_4900 Meeting the chickens at farm camp.IMG_4725 Tractor rides with GPop.IMG_4748 Little bang trim.IMG_4901 Hanging with her great grandmas.IMG_4762 Beach day two.DSCN1397 Building their fortress.DSCN1400 Let me out!IMG_4774 C’mon Wall, buckle up!IMG_4797 Sharing her lovey with GPop.IMG_4899 Bathing beauty.IMG_4898 Talking a walk with Dad.IMG_9490 Second first birthday.IMG_4817 Complete with cousins!IMG_4831 I could get used to this cake business…IMG_9517 IMG_9548 Bodyguards.IMG_4877 Today we headed back to California. This is how the flight started.IMG_4890 This is how the flight ended. Unfortunately the 5 hours in between these two pictures were anything but pleasant. But we survived. And on the way home, we didn’t drop her off at the hospital we took her from one year ago.IMG_4895

week fifty-one

Oh the excitement in this little one’s life this week. I don’t think we’re going to get her to come on the plane to go back to California. She’s having way too much fun here on the east coast.

This bathtub is huge!IMG_4310 Dining al fresco is the best.IMG_4323 Playing with dad.IMG_9223Floating around in her jellyfish. IMG_9264 Interception!IMG_9290 What are uncles for other than giving you bunny ears?IMG_4363 Feeding time at the zoo.IMG_9406 Bubbles I’m going to get you!IMG_4381 That girl is back!IMG_4390 Spaghetti!IMG_4431 IMG_4444 Poor Wally has to wait for food to fall on the floor. Not Jinx.IMG_4451 Stalling bedtime with schnuggable.IMG_4455 Matching Mets and dimples.IMG_4472 Mom I don’t want to wear my tutu!IMG_4493 Watermelon in Westport!IMG_4713 IMG_4712 Family selfie on the tower.IMG_4522 IMG_4520 Who likes frogs more? Wally, Carrie or Em?IMG_4545 Whoa this is a really big bathtub!IMG_4586 Wally couldn’t be happier to be reunited with the sandbar.IMG_4589 She could have sat here all day.IMG_4609 Let’s launch this boat!IMG_4695 Such a happy little beach babe.IMG_4676 IMG_4694 Family boat ride.IMG_4691 Loving these big pups.IMG_4700 Beach hair!IMG_4709 My dad is the best…IMG_4711

week fifty

This has probably been one of the most exciting weeks in little Em’s life. First plane ride, first trip to the East Coast, first mass consumption of sugar. And she has now met ten times the amount of people she has previously known. And it’s just the beginning!

Some sibling peekaboo. IMG_4107 Tough life around here…IMG_4116 My child is Popeye.IMG_4157 Not everyone can eat cheerios with their toes, but this monkey can.IMG_4163 Just a girl in a basket.IMG_4178 All ready for our big flight home, which went surprisingly well.IMG_4188 Airplane selfie!IMG_4193 Superstar!IMG_4218 The life of a princess…IMG_4240 Em’s first First Birthday. Her monthly photo banner.IMG_9062 Daddy and Grandpa!IMG_9078 Party set up.IMG_9092 Not a bad dessert table… IMG_9129 Pretty in pink.IMG_9131 Wait a minute, why is everyone looking at me and singing???IMG_9138 Okay bring that a little closer, let me see that.IMG_9142 Zero hesitation.IMG_9148 Well this is delicious.IMG_9152 Don’t even think about it Dad.IMG_9153 Pretty much the best day ever.IMG_9161 Family pic, even got Wally down there.IMG_9167 IMG_4280  Do you think she liked it?IMG_4288IMG_4296Grumpy little birthday girl. Let me see that hippo. Come a little closer.IMG_9175Em and GrandmaIMG_9191This carpet feels weird..I don’t like it.IMG_9207